About Me

12143217_10207608013988577_3978253145226792484_nHey!!! My name is Halle, I am 19 born and raised in Rockland County, New York. I have been writing since I learned how to spell. Beginning with amateur books that told made up stories about shopping and playing with my friends to then writing for my high school yearbook, I have seen growth in my writing and writing style. Expressing yourself in this outlet has always intrigued me. I continue to pursue this interest by taking writing courses while attending the University of Rhode Island.

On a more personal noteĀ I love puppies, bacon, sushi, anything cheesy and really food as a whole. I have one older brother, a small family with only a couple cousins on both sides and I’m really close with my father. In my free time I love to draw, online shop and binge watch cool shows.

Here are a few of my art pieces

11988214_10207365044674496_5231726111414605129_n 10629749_10207340264535008_5623825645085636476_n 11947495_10207340264174999_6715849526629622457_n




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