Preheating The Oven

80a24b0a1605f375_cookie-dough-truffles-1-1.xxxlarge_2xWriting is a universal way of language and expressing oneself. There are many different styles of writing which require different writing approaches. From informal to creative writing and everything in between, each approach has its own unique similarities and differences. Even though they are mostly different, they all start with the same thinking process. Starting a piece of writing can simply began by free writing or with structure and an outline. Starting is similar to the first steps of baking cookies. Turning the oven on and setting it to a preheat time is similar to making an outline and formulating your first thoughts. Buttering the pan and laying down each piece of cookie dough is equivalent to the introduction. No matter the style of writing, an introduction is included. Whether it be a few sentences or a full paragraph, that depends. An introduction to any piece of writing serves the function of grabbing the readers attention and wanting them to continue. At this point in baking you can smell and feel the cookie dough, leading to the craving for the finished product even more.

Something that differs from baking in writing is the room for change. With cookie dough comes instructions; how hot to pre-heat the oven, how long to bake them for, what type of pan you should use, etc. With writing comes creativity. Starting early on, you set the tone, pace and attitude of the writing piece. Some ideas for starting an introduction and writing piece all together are

-Begin with a shocking or interesting fact

-Start with a question

-Begin with dialogue

Those are usually more useful if you are doing creative writing, or telling a story. For more serious writing like informative, persuasive or expository the introduction should be more structured and stick to the writing criteria. Remember when beginning a writing piece keep an open mind, recognize it wont always be easy and come naturally. The process takes time but is worth it in the end.


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