Texting vs Academic Writing

social-media-icons   Facebook, twitter, and text messaging; all things teenagers and young adults of this generation participate in. All also involve forms of writing and communication. The question of social media, text messaging, and online messaging affecting face to face communication is a constant conversation in classrooms, media and the news. However, I’d like to explore the affect of these technologies on academic writing.

iphone6-select-2014_GEO_US    From the first cell phone to now the iPhone 6s people have been engaging in the fast paced world of texting. Texting has become so advanced that most phones now have full touchscreen keyboards filled with emoticons and picture options. This meaning, it is not as necessary to abbreviate words as it was when flip phones were popular. However, these technology improvements also come with spell check and the internet. These advancements make it faster and easier to get answers and to send and receive messages. Yet some may argue that these benefits do not out way the disadvantages it creates in the classroom. Language use, multitasking, research and plagiarism are just some of the aspects this technology effects. Constant access to the internet results in distractions during class and using sources that aren’t verifiable which leads to false information and plagiarism.

Social media differentiates than texting, yet has some similar effects. This societies generation of teenagers are so dependent on their cell phones that are filled with applications involving profiles, pictures, status’ and more. Learning and studying the behaviors and thinking processes caused by these applications is useful as well as interesting. Yes, negative effects are caused from social media such as cyber bullying and false body image perceptions. However, in my opinion they can be helpful in the classroom and real life. Its now easier for young adults to learn about real world issues today and participate in conversation which allows them to form their own thoughts. Social media has now become another element that stores, companies and people are using for promoting and advertising. This creates more business opportunities; especially for students straight out of college. I believe that people overlook the benefits of social media and focus on the negative effects.

Next time you are mid group chat conversation or scrolling Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or a new popular app think about what all that has changed with these technologies. Do you think its affected academics, more specifically academic writing mostly for the good or for the bad?

Below is a comment box. Feel free to share your thoughts, agree or disagree with my points.



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