Steps To Find Your Perfect Writing Environment

Nothing worse than not being able to focus. Life is filled with distractions. Staying concentrated on the task in front of you is the key to doing the best work possible. The 5 W’s all come into affect when finding the perfect place to reach the goal of concentration.

Who: Do you like working alone or with others?

In class do you feel more productive doing group work or being alone? People can either be a distraction or help you stay focused. If you find yourself getting distracted sitting with other people simply remove yourself from the situation and change locations.

What: What are you working on? Creative writing? Journalistic? What is it and what kinda style of writing is it?

Depending on the style of writing, different environments work better than others. For example, if working on a creative piece the beach, sitting outside, being around art/creative pieces might be helpful to get ideas. While working on a research paper the library could be the ideal environment.

Where: Does your workspace distract you or make you feel inspire?

Noisy places are most likely not a good idea when doing anything you need to concentrate on. Sound has a big effect on the environment choice. Try to remove all distractions that will cause you to procrastinate. Music can also either be helpful or a distraction. Making a playlist of songs that you can do work too is helpful. This also saves time so you don’t need to continue change or look for other songs. Spotify, Soundcloud or iTunes all offer a wide variety of music and the option to make playlists.

When: What is the due date of the assignment?

Like any other subject or class, make sure you leave plenty of time to get the work done in time. Don’t cram or rush your work.

Why: Why is this so important?

The environment you work in can either make or break the assignment. If and when you find the perfect place to write it will lead to a successful end result.


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