The Future

The future is a scary thought for a 19 year old, Sophomore in college. The thought of being a “real” person working a 9-5 job is terrifying. I hope to work a job that doesn’t feel like work. Being a Public Relations major I have learned a lot about journalism and taken my fair share of writing courses. Lets foreshadow and fast forward a couple years into Halle Epstein’s life. If I were to pursue a career in the writing field I can imagine myself in a few different positions. With the technology advances, the journalism field has been forced to adapt or die out. This meaning a lot of journalism has changed from newspaper writing to online, blogging, and social media style journalism. I find this style interesting. However, it scares me that with such an changing society this profession can easily be non existent by the time I am a grown adult.
On the contrast, fiction writing has always been popular and will continue to occur. Everyone was read fictional stories growing up, in school and eventually learned to read them by yourself. Short stories like Brown Bear turning into full books like Harry Potter is apart of growing up. Who wouldn’t want to write a major book like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games that turns into a major phenomena. Imagining that as a career is also a cool concept. Blank pages filled with potential. The potential to create stories that don’t have to be possible is something you cant do in any other profession.


The possibilities are endless


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