Post Hocs

Writing my first blog post was not too difficult. When I joined yearbook in high school, I was trained in journalism and informative style writing This class prepared me the most out of any of my classes in high school for college. Working with peers in that environment, splitting up the work load and working within deadlines showed me how a real business works. The writing itself was set up similar to a blog. We had to submit our pieces onto our software called edesign. Then edit the pieces, have peer review and eventually submit it to be published.

Other experience I’ve had with blog style writing includes my involvement in Platinum Entertainment Group. I joined this organization last year as a freshman and soon worked my way up for more responsibility. I am on the public relations team, which means some of my duties are sharing events and sending out invitations on Facebook, tweeting, snapchatting, instagraming and blogging. We have a page on every social network to reach our target audience: URI students and teenagers. Because Ive had the past and current experience I didn’t find the writing blog challenging. I understand each blog has a different audience, and the writing should target that specific group of people. The people looking at “Pentgroups” blog and my writing blog I would expect be different and the writing styles reflect that. Here’s the link to my other writings and the website:

Using social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are very different than writing for a blog. When I tweet, or post on any of these networks its informal, often abbreviating, spelling mistakes, extra expression and the use of emojis. When I was writing my first blog post I made sure sentence structure was correct, there was no spelling mistakes and as a whole put more time into the piece. Its a more professional way of expressing my thoughts. The most similar social media to blogging I would say is tumblr. This is because you have you’re own blog with pictures that you re-blogged. You also have the option to write posts and comment on other posts. Id consider a mix of Facebook and a professional written blog.

With these past experiences writing, I found writing my first blog post enjoyable yet simple. I am excited to continue expanding my blog with more posts.