Post Web Design

Web-design is a extensive, detailed process. Every website has positive and negative features. The goal of a website is to access information and that is achieved through accessibility. The process of redesigning a website is similar to the writing process in a  few ways. The first steps of redesign as in wire framing and a mock up can be compared to the first steps in writing for a blog. Before even beginning, both require a detailed plan or creative ideas and thoughts. Other similarities between projects is the fact that both are open for personal creativity. Yes, there is basic structure that is appealing to the eye or technically correct. However, the author or publisher has room for their own thoughts, opinions and imagination. Both projects start completely blank. A white empty page open for words, boxes, colors, and more. In my personal experience, I felt the web design assignment was similar to blogging and Wikitravel because all involved learning new software and adapting to these changes. I felt comfortable with the assignment due to my past use of Edesign and Photoshop as I was the design editor of my high school yearbook.

This was the first assignment that was a group project. I enjoyed working with other new students. It was also fun to work in a different environment. Operating in a new room is a change from scenery and let our group have a new space to access. The only challenges faced with working with other people is the accessibility. One negative effect from working with new people is not everyone had an iPhone or social media, therefore contacting everyone was more challenging. Another challenge from this is with many different aspects of the project, it was difficult to establish who was in charge of what. Two people cant be designing the same thing at the same thing which leads to the other people sitting and watching. As a group we tried to all contribute ideas even if you were not the person actually moving things around. The days in class to share the websites we found with each other and clearly establish exactly what we wanted to change was helpful. We were able to get right to work and manage our time correctly in the computer labs because of those days. Seeing the other groups works was also an interesting and helpful class. It was cool to see that everyone was doing such different websites yet all had similar outcome goals. With more time, we could have accomplished some smaller details that could have made the website even stronger. However, overall I am happy with my groups changes.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.56.00 PMmatty fund inner page